Production | Stereosis & Keyframe Film & Animation
Direction | Emmanouil Papadopoulos & Gabriel Psaltakis
Scenario | Gabriel Psaltakis
Cinematography | Emmanouil Papadopoulos
Montage | Vasso Floridi
Music | Kostantis Papakonstantinou
The documentary series “THE IMAGE QUEST " is a film on the development of photography and it’s effect on the Greek society. In 6 episodes, the series try to find the identity and the status of the photographic art in our era. Photographers from Greece and abroad analyse their work and experience. Ordinary citizens, who interact daily either as amateurs or as mere spectators in the media and on social media, give their perspective on the art of photography. University professors, historians, communication specialists, psychologists and many other professionals related to the field of photography, talk about the interactions of photography in society and the changes that have been made by. The series will not use a classic tv presenter but it will contain dramatised scenes that depict the perspective of a researcher who seeks the traces of the Greek photography art. Like a ghost of the past, the researcher character will seek the current status of Greek society through photographs. There will be used fictional techniques and and narration voice-over of the researcher character that will be integrated with the rest of the documentary material. The dramatised scenes style will be close to that of a an art documentary such as Alain Resnais and Chris Marker.
EPISODE 1: THE BEGINNING (The principle of the photographic documentary in Greece.)
Since 1903 and for three decades the Swiss photographer Fred Boissonnas was one of the first foreign photographers who traveled and photographed the Greek area. His innovative photos were crucial for the evolution of Greek photography in the 20th century. This episode researches the evolution of photography in Greece from Boissonnas to contemporary photography.
EPISODE 2: THE DOCUMENT (Photojournalism and Photo documentary in crisis)
Walter Benjamin in his essay "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" (1936) notes: "The illiterate of the future will not be the one who has not knowledge of writing, but the one who will not has knowledge of photography." This episode researches the identity of contemporary photojournalism in Greece.
EPISODE 3: THE LOVE (Photography and sexism)
Today photography is an expression of sex. Ordinary people upload photos with sexist content in order to attract the other gender. The media use photos with sexy and sexist content to attract audience and subscribers. The episode “The Love" explores the relationship of the lens with the naked body and with sex themes and how it interacts with the viewer. Through a historical review of the progress of Nude art this episode explores the influence of photography on the sex life of the Greek society.
EPISODE 4: THE CONFLICT (The conflict between constructed landscape and unspoilt natural landscape.)
The Greek postcard has traveled around the world. But the beauty of the Greek Landscape come into conflict with chaotic structured cityscape. Many contemporary photographers are attracted to the decadent urban landscape. The episode "The conflict" researches the identity of the Greek landscape as depicted through photographs.
EPISODE 5: THE MEMORY (From Commemorative Photo to Self-portrait)
Photography function effectively as a tool against oblivion. It gives people the opportunity to capture everlasting moments of their daily lives or daily habits that is a milestone in their lives. The episode “The memory" researches the identity of commemorative photo in contemporary Greece. Through a historical review of the progress of the portrait and self-portrait, from Van Gogh to selfie, the episode explores the impact of the human face to the viewer.
EPISODE 6: THE FUTURE (Photography and new technologies)
In our era photography belongs to everyone. Everybody has a camera in their mobile phone and captures plenty of photos daily which are published rapidly on social media. The ease of capturing a photo, helped the medium and the public or has led to an excessive use of photography? We own a photo when we publish it on the internet? How the digital photo archive of the future will be? The episode "The Future" researches what would be the status of photography in the future.

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